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Sponsoring Information-Ethiopia

Northern Ethiopia

HS Girls Program


We are working with a local non-governmental organization(NGO) in Northern Ethiopia to provide monthly support for vulnerable high school girls to complete their education.  In this region of Ethiopia, many of these girls walk two hours or more EACH WAY to attend high school.  This means they face dangers while walking in the darkness, and it also makes it difficult for them to complete their studies.  Consequently they may drop out of school and are frequently used as wives for arranged marriages, even as young as ages 13 to 17.  If this happens and they become pregnant, they face challenges with childbirth because their bodies are not fully developed.  This may result in a condition known as fistula.  In the future we may work directly with fistula victims for pre- and post surgical support and receive the training through the NGO and the Hamlin Fistula Center.


Our initial work, though, focuses on PREVENTION-keeping these girls in school and helping them learn about the importance of finishing their education,  We are initially providing the support for 10 girls at $25 per month, which enables them to live closer to school, or to take transportation to school, minimizing the time they spend walking or roads.  Potentially vulnerable girls are selected through the high schools and the go through a prioritizing selection process by the province's Women and Children's Services and the NGO.


We are seeking sponsors for these girls, and hope that we can eventually sponsor 30 girls.  Sponsors who commit to $25 each month for a minimum of a year will receive a picture with the girl's name and a brief profile.  This small investment will help make a huge difference in their lives and affect their future,  To the right are pictures of some of the girls we sponsor.

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Sponsors pay on a frequency that suits them best; whether once per month, once per quarter, or the entire year upfront.


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