281 Pinebrook Drive, Hyde Park, New York 12538
(845) 849-1139 




Your financial support for the Brenna Engle Foundation will make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged children who live at Brenna's Home or are beneficiaries through our work in Ethiopia, Brenna's Hope. Donations may be to sponsor a child in 
Ukraine or Ethiopia, or may be undesignated. Whether your gift is "one-time" or recurring, be assured that all financial contributions are appreciated, handled in a responsible fashion, and are used for the direct support for the children we serve. We have no paid administrative staff or facility overhead expense.  The Brenna Engle Foundation is an approved IRS 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations are fully deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. 



Some individuals prefer to write personal checks or utilize a "Bill Payment" through their financial institution. Checks should be made out and mailed to:

          Brenna Engle Foundation

          281 Pinebrook Drive

          Hyde Park, NY 12538


HUDSON VALLEY CREDIT UNION MEMBERS: If you don't like writing checks, you can do member-to-member transfers to the Brenna Engle Foundation. Contact us for more information and account details. 

PAYPAL GIVING FUND DONORS: who have a PayPal account or eBay sellers can donate through PayPal Giving Fund at no charge to donor or recipient. The Brenna Engle Foundation is an approved not-for-profit to receive funds through PayPal Giving Fund.



BILLPAY:  Many of our regular donors utilize bill pay system through their financial institution for regular payments. If you are able to participate in such a program, we encourage you to do so. It eliminates the need to send out reminders. 



JustGiving is an organization that collects donations for non-profits only, they:

1) Deduct 4 1/2% of donations to cover transaction costs;
2) Send you electronic acknowledgments of your gifts for your tax receipt;
3) Send acknowledgement of your gift to the Brenna Engle Foundation with the information you provide, such as email address and name and address

(Please note: Your Donation will appear as "JustGiving" on your credit card statement, not Brenna Engle Foundation)

We have been blessed year after year with what we need, and this has allowed our work to grow and prosper. When we receive extra gifts, it enables us to think about expanding what we do. If you are in a position to provide significant resources, or are willing to include the Brenna Engle Foundation in your estate planning, please contact us